5 Curiosities you didn’t know about Alla Scala Theatre

The Alla Scala Theatre is not only a stage for exceptional artistic performances but also a place rich in history, myths, and intriguing curiosities. As you take in the exquisite opera and ballet productions or explore the theater's museum, remember these fun facts that add an extra layer of fascination to the allure of Teatro alla Scala. From a cursed box to hidden tunnels, here are five fascinating facts that may surprise you about this iconic theater:

1. The Unlucky Opening Night
When the Alla Scala Theatre first opened its doors on August 3, 1778, it faced an unfortunate incident. During the inaugural performance of Antonio Salieri's opera "Europa Riconosciuta," the chandelier crashed to the ground. Fortunately, no one was injured, but this inauspicious start didn't deter the theater from becoming a symbol of Milanese culture.

2. Napoleon's Connection
During the Napoleonic era, Milan fell under French control, and even the Alla Scala Theatre couldn't escape the influence of the French conqueror. Napoleon Bonaparte attended several performances at the theater, and it was under his rule that the theater's name was changed to "Teatro alla Scala," emphasizing the significance of the grand staircase (scala) leading to the theater.

3. The Curse of the Third Tier Box
Legend has it that the third tier box on the right side of the theater is cursed. It's said that anyone who sits in this box will face misfortune or tragedy. While it's undoubtedly a superstition, many visitors still prefer to avoid this particular spot.

4. Hidden Tunnels and Trapdoors
The Alla Scala Theatre is full of secret passages, tunnels, and trapdoors, which were used by performers to make their dramatic entrances and exits. These hidden pathways allowed actors and musicians to seamlessly transition between scenes, adding to the magic of the performances.

5)World's Largest Chandelier
The impressive chandelier in the main auditorium is one of the largest in the world. It's not only a stunning piece of decor but also a symbol of the grandeur and opulence that Alla Scala is known for. However, the current chandelier is just a copy: as the original one weighted over a ton, it has been replaced with a plastic copy, much lighter but just as impressive!

Do you know any other secrets?

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