Drama and Italian Theatre course in Florence

The Scuola Leonardo da Vinci is certainly one of the most prestigious institutions where to learn the Italian language.  The school operates in four of the most beautiful Italian towns: Florence, Milan, Rome and Siena. Towns rich in history, art and monuments, but also places where students of all ages and with different interests can find  attractions and entertainment.

The teaching method is based on the acquisition of the four fundamental skills: understanding the language through listening and reading and producing texts in oral and written forms, combined with the study of grammar and syntax .

The school has over 30 years of experience and focuses on teachers preparation and continuous didactics updating. Moreover a long experienced organization enables the staff to run a great variety of professional and business courses: Italian language, Literature, History of Art, Applied Arts, Fashion, Music, Wine, Cooking and Italian Lexicon relating to banking, law, marketing, tourism industry etc.

Why Florence?

An international town with wonderful surroundings, Florence is undoubtedly a perfect place to spend a study period, combining culture and leisure and experiencing a different world.  The great variety of courses offered will give you the opportunity to find the right ones for you, enriching your culture and your curriculum vitae too.

As every year we organize something new, this time we set up a Drama course as we think that acting is one of the best and motivating way to learn a foreign language!

After a brief history of Italian Theatre, the course examines the complex world of acting communication by analyzing the body language (voluntary and involuntary), the sphere of feelings and emotions, their expressions through the great tool that distinguishes the human being: the word. Probably for the first time, you will find that arms, hands, face and posture are not neutral but can dramatically hinder or, conversely, become masters of the scene.
In addition to learning a lot of Italian, this course offers the opportunity to get involved in a new activity and the ability to discover new emotions.

Field trips are part of the course: we visit the famous scenes of the Pergola Theatre, where an experienced guide shows us the parts of the theatre and its history, tells how the sounds were made during a theatrical performance before the advent of electronics showing old machines, still functioning, stored inside the theatre etc.

Studying in Florence is certainly an unforgettable experience not only made of books, but also of images, sounds, gestures, new experiences ...

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Scuola Leonardo da Vinci Florence

The Scuola Leonardo da Vinci is situated in the Heart of the Old City of Florence near Piazza del Duomo. From here you can reach the most famous squares and sights in a few minutes' walk.

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