If you’re a fan of professional football and enjoy going to watch it, come to Siena and experience some Italian ‘Serie A’ football. You won’t be able to get over the ticket prices! With a capacity of just over 15,000, Stadio Artennio Franchi is not quite as impressive as Old Trafford, the Emirates or Stamford Bridge, to name a few that we know, but still has a great atmosphere during the match. All of the local fans make an effort to attend, in a hope that Siena might grab a few points and may climb up that league table a bit!

Siena are in ‘Serie A’, so they play against all the famous, well-known Italian clubs that you may know from Champions League clashes against your own teams such as Liverpool, Arsenal or Manchester United. Ones you will have heard of include Juventus, AC Milan, Inter Milan, Fiorentina and Roma. If you go to one of the Siena matches against these teams, chances are you will recognise a few big names on the pitch, such as Dida, Kaka, Gattuso and Ibrahimovic. If you sit in the Robur stand then you will be surrounded by the more serious Siena fans and will have fun trying to catch onto the chants!

Compared to back at home, it is easy to get hold of tickets here in Siena. They are sold in a number of shops around the town. You would think that with only 15,000 seats to fill it would be a sell-out in no time, but the stadium is not always full. Tickets are so much cheaper than big matches at home. £50 to see your team play in the premier league? How about 25euro to see Siena play Inter Milan? Sounds good, hey? And girls, you’ve got an added advantage – tickets are cheaper for you, at only 20euro! Well worth it if you ask me!!!

photo by: Matteo Migliorini

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The Scuola Leonardo da Vinci is situated in the Heart of the Old City of Siena, just a short walk from the famous Piazza il Campo. From our school you can reach the most famous squares and sights in a few minutes' walk.

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