Learning Italian in different Leonardo schools

Read the experience of other students of Italian languageWhen I want to brush up on my Italian, I book a language course at Scuola Leonardo Da Vinci. I already went to this school in Milano for an intensive course, to the affiliated school in Viareggio for a standard course and now I planned to follow a course in Rome. What I like about the schools is the concept: decent lessons, a varied activity program and good accommodation for a reasonable price. The school in Milan is located in a very nice area and the school facilities are great. I attended the full activity program, because that is how you meet other students while learning Italian and having fun. At that time my Italian was very poor, but with their professional approach I managed to get a sound basis of the language. The school in Viareggio was also great, especially because I went there in the summer time. The location is perfect and you have easy access to the city centre, the beach and the train station. So, enough reasons to come back!

Ilona, The Netherlands

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