Christmas in Milan, Between Tradition and Glamour

December is the month that I like the most during the whole year.
I simply can’t wait for the arrival of Christmas time, a magical period when everything becomes possible. All of a sudden people become more kind and generous, and the daily rush between work and duties stops in order to spend more time with family and friends. There are a lot of moments that characterize and make unique this period of the year: decorating our house and our Christmas tree, preparing the perfect Christmas lunch or dinner, exchanging gifts, etc. All the small things that make Christmas unique and unforgettable.

Christmas is celebrated in many countries and each one of them has it own traditions and customs. Milan celebrates Christmas in its own particular way. On one hand, there are traditional markets where you can buy things at very reasonable prices, like the Obei Obei Christmas market that takes place on the grounds of the stunning Piazza of the Basilica di San Ambrogio. Along with hot, traditional Italian treats, you'll also find handmade crafts, Christmas decorations, religious paraphernalia, and other seasonal goodies and gifts. On the other hand, there is luxury shopping at the numerous shops in the city centre. All compete to see which one will win the prize for the most elegant and fashionable shop window. There are silver and gold Christmas trees decorated with silk strips and crystal balls that have nothing to envy to the magnificent Swarovski Christmas tree that is set up every year at the centre of Vittorio Emanuele Gallery. The sparkling, 12 meters tall tree is enlightened with 12,000 lights and decorated with more that 8,000 crystals.

If you still haven’t found a perfect gift for your beloved, and if this year you wish to surprise your family by setting up a perfect Christmas tree or by preparing a real Italian Christmas dinner, Scuola Leonardo da Vinci Milan is an ideal place to spend a week completely dedicated to preparations for Christmas. Our teachers and school staff invite you to discover the hidden secrets that characterize so well the typical Italian Christmas, featuring Presepio, Panettone and a glass of good wine.

Sanda Stevanovic,
Head of Studies, Scuola Leonardo da Vinci in Milan


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