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Quality first of all
The Leonardo da Vinci School, certified as a quality school by ASILS, has always been committed to guaranteeing the highest quality of services offered to its students. Especially at this time, due to the health emergency from Covid-19, one of our priorities is to make our students feel safe.

Together we can do more
ASILS has drawn up a hygiene and safety protocol to allow everyone, school staff and students, to continue or start teaching activities in full serenity. The ASILS protocol, together with government provisions, offers further instructions and suggestions for making schools safe and clean.

To restart together
Scuola Leonardo da Vinci adheres to the ASILS hygiene and safety protocol to combat and prevent contagion from Covid-19. Leonardo da Vinci schools have always adopted high-quality standards. By adapting to the ASILS protocol, the Scuola Leonardo guarantees the highest quality also in terms of hygiene and safety.
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Safe students with insurance
Taking out travel insurance before leaving for a stay is essential to protect yourself from unpleasant unforeseen events. Thanks to the collaboration with, awarded as Best International Insurance Provider, our students have the opportunity to take out travel insurance to ensure their holiday in Italy.
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This special policy has been designed to suit the specific needs of our international students travelling abroad.

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