"Gap Year" in Italy: a true immersion in the Italian language and culture!

Studying Italian in Italy is an experience not to be missed. The "Gap year", a 34-weeks course, is ideal for those looking for a complete course that allows them to learn or expand their knowledge of the Italian language and the culture and history of our beautiful country.

From 13 September 2021 to 6 May 2022 you can immerse yourself in a 360-degree training experience that combines the study of the language with complete and varied cultural training. Spend 8 months learning Italian with the help of our experienced teachers in Florence, Milan, Rome, and Turin.

How to learn a foreign language?
Many people wonder what is the best way to learn Italian. Maybe you have already tried to take various courses but in the end, you find yourself without having seen a difference in your ability to speak Italian. The reason is that you need to fully immerse yourself in a language to learn it.
Whichever destination you choose to travel to, it will be the best choice to become fluent. By living all day exposed to the language, you will have much more opportunity to memorize new words and put your knowledge into practice directly, in class, or even in everyday life. This would be valid even for just a few weeks' experience, imagine how much you can learn during 8 months of Italian!

Why choose the "Gap Year" program at Scuola Leonardo da Vinci?
The lessons are in Italian from the beginning, regardless of your starting level: our teaching method places the emphasis on communication, allowing you to learn Italian naturally, through a study program that combines the development of skills communicative to the deepening of the morphosyntactic structures of the language.

But not only!

In the second part of the "Gap Year” program, thanks to the linguistic skills achieved, the linguistic horizons will broaden and cultural lessons will also be added to the language lessons.

What will we talk about in the culture lessons?
History of art: a general but comprehensive introduction to the eternal beauty and charm of Italian art. The lessons conclude with two guided tours to admire, live, the concepts learned in class.

Italian for business: you will get to know the world of commercial business, paying particular attention to the sectoral Italian language, its specific vocabulary, and the drafting of bureaucratic writings.

Italian fashion: the lessons focus on and analyze a sector in which the Italian "genius" is combined with the concept of elegance and trend. The course aims to illustrate and reveal some of the secrets behind the "Made in Italy" label.

History and civilization: you will be able to learn about Italian traditions and the change that characterizes contemporary Italy.

What are you waiting for? We look forward to welcoming you to school! Contact us for more information.

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