What they say about us - let's leave the floor to our students!

Since the opening of our first school we have focused our efforts on ensuring the high quality of the courses and the professionalism of teachers and staff. The words of our students and their satisfaction are the best part of our work!

Would you like to have an insight into our courses? Watching our videos and subscribing to our YouTube channel: Scuola Leonardo da Vinci you can find out how the lessons take place and also what our students think of us!

Learning a language is complicated but when progress is seen quickly our students are motivated to continue and improve!

Many students have chosen our courses and their satisfaction always gratifies us. This is what happened to Ana who attended our intensive online course:

The online intensive course is fantastic! I have learned a lot in a very short time. The structure of each lesson allows you to understand the grammar and use it in conversation naturally. The teachers are great and I'm very confident I'll reach the level I need to study in Italy.

One of the best things about taking a language course at our school is meeting people from all over the world. Making friends is always a unique experience and meeting like-minded people is even better!

This is what happened to Monica and Geny:

It's great to learn at this school! Colleagues from different countries, dynamic class and my teacher is very good and fun!

I studied at the Leonardo da Vinci school for 2 weeks. Many thanks to the teachers who conducted the lessons perfectly. I also met students from different countries. This is a great experience to improve your language and communication level.

And as Michael and Anna's words demonstrate, in our schools everyone finds a welcoming environment thanks to our fantastic staff

What a fantastic team!

I had an amazing time at the school, taking both group classes and private lessons for 3 weeks. I especially enjoyed my one on one classes with my amazing teacher - she prepared me really well for my exam. I was extremely happy with how she adjusted the program to my personal needs. I would love to come back to the school some time in the future!

Just started a one week class here the whole process as been very easy. The staff have been lovely and the teacher is great.

Read all students opinions and online reviews about Scuola Leonardo da Vinci: https://www.scuolaleonardo.com/Italian-language-student-opinions.html

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