One-to-one Italian classes

The one-to-one Italian lessons adapt to everyone's needs and objectives. Those looking for a tailor-made course are fully satisfied with our individual course, lessons are always available! At any time of the year, in each of our locations (Florence, Milan, Rome, Turin, Viareggio), and even online!

The strength of this course is the maximum personalization of the lessons.
Not only for the programs but also the schedule and intensity of the lessons. Together with your teacher you can choose the time and how many lessons to attend each day.

The one-to-one Italian lessons are the ideal solution for those looking for a tailor-made learning solution!

Are you short on time and can't attend a course with fixed times?
Individual Italian language lessons have flexible hours!

Are you shy and you don't feel comfortable in class with other people?
In individual lessons, the teacher is at your disposal and the great experience of our teachers will put you at ease. You can also choose to include lunch with your teacher, a great opportunity to continue learning the Italian language in everyday life.

Do you want to address specific topics?
The one-to-one program is fully customizable according to your needs. With the individual course it is possible to prepare for a certification (CILS, AIL, DITALS), focus on a specific working language (business Italian, Italian for the banking sector, Italian for law, Italian for medicine, Italian for fashion, etc. ..) or to deepen your personal interests (art, wine & food, music, Italian art history...)

The course is suitable for absolute beginners, for those who want to refresh their language, or for those who want to get into the depth of the Italian language.

We look forward to having you among our students! Contact us for more information.

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