2009 starts with new dates, prices and..courses!

Would you like to come to Italy for an Italian Language Course?

Then this is the perfect occasion to make your dreams come true. Nowadays studying Italian language could be your ace in the hole for business and university world, so why not to do it staying in the world-famous country of art, culture and music, where you have the opportunity to speak Italian every day?

You will have the chance to be introduced in the real Italian culture, attending lessons with Italian mother-tongue teachers, and courses with people from every corner of the world. An unrepeatable and unique experience not to miss at all.

Our schools are located in the most beautiful cities in Italy (Florence, Rome, Milan, Siena) and there’s a wide range of courses you can select among. You can choose among general standard courses, Italian language and culture courses, culinary traditions courses, professional courses, and courses about art, fashion, design, music, jewellery.

And don't forget the brand new courses which are ready to start in 2009!

First of all, the new course La Dolce Vita for senior students, the professional Italian Cooking Courses in Florence and Rome, the Preparatory Courses for Fashion & Design Academies now also in Florence, and the Course for Musical Specialisation now available also in Rome and Milan (different from Florence' course).

Moreover, the city of Milan offers other new courses from 2009: the Intensive Italian Language Course, and the Courses for Italian Language Teachers.

The new courses dates and prices for 2009 are now available online on our website, so why don’t you take a look at it? Next year could be in the pursuit of Italian art and culture!
From January to December 2009 a lot of starting dates are available to start your favourite language course, and you could take part to one of those several groups!

Don’t miss your chance! Visit our website and spend an unforgettable learning vacation in Italy.

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Learn Italian in Italy in Florence, Milan, Rome, Turin and Viareggio

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