Our constant commitment to be a sustainable school

A special school

At the Scuola Leonardo da Vinci Milan, you not only study the Italian language, but you also learn what it means to work hard every day to be a sustainable reality.
Limitation of single-use plastic, separate collection, less use of paper: these are some of the concepts on which our strategy to protect the planet is based.

A green ecosystem

The topic of sustainability is deeply felt by both employees and teachers, but also and, above all, by students. Each student, in his own small way, tries to do something, also positively influencing others. For example, attention and care for the planet are obvious to students from northern European countries, and for this reason they help students who struggle to live sustainably.

Within the programs of all levels, from basic to the most advanced, our teachers always add a part dedicated to attention to the environment. Our students, who are aged 16 to 80, of about 70 different nationalities, have always shown great interest in these issues. It's nice to see that what they hear at school is also put into practice outside the classroom.

For students staying with host families, for example, we provide a small guide on sustainable advice to follow in Milan. In this way, the students cans feel part of the city even outside the school.

Not only in the classroom
We also try to include extra-time activities: in June and September 2021, on the occasion of All4Climate, the teachers dedicated these days to the environment, providing insights, movies or didactic cards.

Last spring we organized an outing during the KlimatFest in the Parco Nord in Milan and invited our students to collect waste together with other associations.

We also participated in presentations and exhibitions, such as the Photographers 4 Future, to which some of our students contributed with their own works exhibited during the event.

During the week we dedicate a few days to specific challenges: for example, we have promoted the day without photocopies. Even though we only print on recycled paper and are careful to dispose of toner properly, we still generate waste.

An important commitment

Being committed to the fight against climate change also means caring about the health of the people who inhabit the planet. This is why we believe that sustainability also means health and connection with the planet that hosts us.
In many countries they are far ahead of us in terms of sustainability and attention to the environment and we do not want to be outdone, trying in every way to have a light footprint on the planet. For example, we are committed to creating a corporate forest, in collaboration with Treedom, giving all our collaborators and teachers, on the occasion of their birthday, a tree to keep and observe over time.

Most of the materials provided to our students do not contain plastic. In order not to encourage the use of plastic bottles we have distributed a bottle to each student and installed a free water fountain, one of our greatest pride. Our goal is now to be 100% plastic-free.

As a school accredited as a Green Standard Schools, we have parameters to be respected from every point of view related to the environment: for example, we measure our consumption at the energy level to understand what we can improve on. We are also very careful about the consumption of water and paper. The control on separate collection is also very tight and we are very careful.

We would like to involve students in voluntary extracurricular activities, making arrangements with local NGOs to do something together so that students who learn the language can do something with their own hands. We would also like to organize talks or meetings in some plastic free clubs in Milan, to show how it is possible to achieve our ambitious goal of completely eliminating single-use plastic, together with meetings that teach them something, also inherent to their passions outside of school.

Continuous improvements push us to do more and ask ourselves: what is our footprint on the planet? What can we do to improve?

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