Miss & Mr. Leonardo da Vinci Contest 2011

In an international and friendly atmosphere full of students from the school, the Miss Leonardo da Vinci contest took place in the Mayflower, a nice pub near the school. The students arrived around eight in the evening with the purpose of enjoying a delicious aperitivo offered by Leonardo da Vinci School.
Once there they had the opportunity not only to refresh themselves with a cold beverage but also to know the students from other classes and levels. Since lots of students have not the possibility to know each other at the school, events like these, organized by the school, provide the opportunity of making new friends and have fun together!
And then the party started! Our Misses, 20 beautiful girls, from all over the world, walked the catwalk and the boys secretly vote for their most beautiful schoolmate!

"After a refreshing beer it was nice to vote for Miss Leonardo da Vinci."
Matt, Mexico

One month later, the same type of contest but this time in male version was a great success among the female students who wanted to vote for Mr. Leonardo da Vinci.
After the funny catwalk and the secret voting, decided just by one vote, the winner was celebrated with an handmade Pampero lamp, which was given as a gift from Mayflower staff for winning the contest, however the second an third places didn't return home empty-handed and got also big prices, such as a variety of exotic chupitos for the third places, and a nice bottle of wine for the second.

Now it’s our turn to peer at the guys and vote! It’s so funny!”
Nicole, Brazil

Every month there is a party, Miss and Mister Leonardo da Vinci School are two of the most amusing parties of the year!

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