Italian Tour: a tour of Italy while learning Italian

At the Leonardo da Vinci school, based in Florence, Milan, Rome, Turin and Viareggio, Italian language courses are offered following the same calendar and at the same prices. An offer that guarantees an extraordinary opportunity: 'taking a walk' from one location to another.
Yes, to walk, as in ancient times, when the Greek philosopher Aristotle had given birth to a peripatetic school, from the verb περιπατέω "to walk": to learn while walking.

The "Italian Tour" course is a study program around Italy that can be carried out in 2, 3, 4, 5 weeks to learn the Italian language and deepen its culture by staying in the 5 different cities of the student's choice.
The Italian language course consists of 4 Italian lessons per day, for a total of 20 lessons per week, discover the details of our intensive Italian course, in the locations chosen by the student.

With the "Italian Tour" course, you can follow Italian language courses, from one (minimum stay) or more weeks in all our locations, where reception and programs do not differ.

And while respecting the essential combination of "language & culture", visit cities that are extraordinarily representative of Italian culture.

TURIN, the first capital of Italy where there remain clues of a past time, that of the Savoy monarchy, with its palaces, its arcades, historic cafes ...

MILAN, the current 'moral capital of Italy', the engine of economic development, primarily in the field of fashion and fashion, with its famous nightlife on the canals ...

FLORENCE, the cradle of the Renaissance and over the centuries has remained an open-air museum, preserving a dimension on a human scale but where you can breathe an international atmosphere ...

ROME, 'Caput Mundi', capital of the world, rich in history: from Romanesque remains to extraordinary museums, lively squares and characteristic taverns ...

VIAREGGIO, a seaside resort called 'the pearl of the Tyrrhenian Sea', with its Art Nouveau buildings and many places to discover in its hinterland ...

The “Italian Tour” course: a "peripatetic course", combining language and culture is truly an unmissable opportunity to discover a little bit of the beautiful country by studying and touring among its 5 enchanting destinations!

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