Italian language exam CILS and AIL preparation course

The next CILS and AIL exam session is near: prepare for the exam with us!

Are you planning to test your knowledge of the Italian language? Scuola Leonardo da Vinci organize a specific preparation course!

Our schools in FlorenceMilanRome and Turin are CILS and AIL exam centers and you can prepare for the exam with us!

The CILS Certification is a qualification, issued by UniStraSI (University for Foreigners of Siena) which certifies the level of knowledge of Italian as a foreign language.

The AIL Certification is a qualification issued by the Accademia Italiana di Lingua which certifies knowledge of the Italian language as a foreign language. The peculiarity of the AIL is to privilege the aspects of practical communication in everyday life and in commercial life.

Individual or group, we have the right course for you!
To pass a linguistic exam it is important to have good preparation in the competence profiles of the different levels. For this reason, we offer a specific preparation course (in groups or individuals). The courses aim to provide thorough preparation with regard to the different skills required.

Preparation course for CILS analyzes and tests the evidence of previous examinations, while also carrying out specific problems that the teacher may identify.

Preparation course for AIL combines our intensive Italian language course (4 Italian lessons a day, a total of 20 lessons a week) with 2 extra group lessons a day. These two extra lessons deal with specific preparation for the exam through exercises from practice exams, in class practices and exercises done with a partner, marked by the teacher.

CONTENT the teacher identifies critical points and specific difficulties,  and program revisions targeted through certain topics through theoretical explanations and educational activities.
WHEN March 7th
EXAM DATE CILS April 7th || AIL April 1st
WHERE at the Leonardo da Vinci School in FlorenceMilanRome and Turin


Read more about Italian certifications at Scuola Leonardo da Vinci: CILS and AIL: the importance of certifying the Italian language

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