Focus on CILS B1 Exam for Italian Citizenship

Welcome, soon-to-be Italians! If you are reading this, probably your last step in order to acquire Italian citizenship is the CILS B1 for Citizenship exam

At Scuola Leonardo da Vinci Milan, not only can you take the exam on the official dates but, most importantly, you’ll find precious help on how to succeed, by participating in our preparation courses. The school offers these courses both online and at school and will help arrange for you to sit the exam.

In order to apply for Italian citizenship, it is necessary to pass a B1 Level official exam

CILS B1 Citizenship exam is probably the best known and it is specifically designed for this purpose (it is not valid for enrolling in universities or other purposes). 

The exam has 4 sections (1-listening, 2-reading comprehension and basic grammar, 3-writing, 4-oral), the first two sections are multiple-choice questions. In order to obtain the certification, you need to pass all the parts of the exam: if you fail one part you will have to retake the entire test. You can find examples here:

How much is B1?
The B1 level is an ‘intermediate’ level and shows proficiency in everyday interaction, to live and work in Italy. That does not mean perfect pronunciation, great grammar skills or being able to communicate on every topic. In the writing and oral sections, you’ll be required to communicate simple concepts about yourself, your daily life and your interests, you’ll be asked to provide descriptions of places, events and experiences, and to show effective communication in everyday interactions, common to every citizen (i.e. dealing with bureaucracy). As for understanding, the topics usually cover daily life interactions, institutional communication, school services. 

YES, you need to study!

In any case, even though you are proficient in the Italian language, you’ll need some practice to be ready to tackle the exam. Many failings come from a wrong interpretation of the tasks or ineffective management of the time available, so it is recommended to spend some time with a qualified teacher to be familiar with the structure of the exam. 

Remember: you need to pass all the sections, so better safe than sorry! You might be very effective on oral skills, but not as much with the grammar or the other way around. Checking your skills before taking the exam is highly recommended.


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