How did the Lamborghini Countach get its name?

Discover Countach: the most spectacular Lamborghini ever!

How did the Lamborghini Countach get its name?

Attenzione! La Lamborghini Countach è tornata

Countach is the name of the most spectacular Lamborghini ever, the super-car that recently crossed the finish line of its first fifty years and which, on its debut at the 1971 Geneva Motor Show, immediately became a legend.

Lamborghini non abbandona i motori termici dopo il 2030

Designed by Paolo Stanzani and the brilliant Turin designer Marcello Gandini, the Lamborghini Countach has imposed on the world the Italian sports car with the typical shape of a very sharp wedge.

Unlike many other models of the house, the name Countach does not derive from bullfighting, but curiously from the Piedmontese dialect expression "Contacc!" ("caspita!" in Italian), which translates as: "wow!"
Marcello Gandini, who was responsible for the Bertone style at the time, this expression was suggested by a young employee in charge of the locks who, impressed by the car's bold and futuristic design, repeated it to express his admired amazement.

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