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Ciao Ragazzi! Vorreste vincere una lezione gratis di cucina italiana? Come?! Partecipate al nostro contest fotografico! Fate la foto di un piatto italiano che avete cucinato e postatelo sulla nostra pagina facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Scuola-Leonardo-da-Vinci-Learn-Italian-in-Milan/20468424521 Il piatto che riceverà più LIKE sarà il vincitore! Il vincitore parteciperà ad una lezione di cucina di 4 ore in lingua […]

Learning Italian in Siena: Why? Watch the reasons on YouTube

Watch Leonardo da Vinci new production on our YouTube channel. We posted a clip about our Italian language school in Siena (the video is called “Orientation – Ordinary Day” – made in collaboration with Storie Illustrate), which shows some American guys living their exciting experience in Siena and including some tips about asking information in […]

5 videos, a unique experience

Studying a language abroad is always an unforgettable experience, especially for Italian language students at the Leonardo da Vinci School in Milan. The thrilling first day at school, the entrance test and the arrival in the classroom… and it’s just the beginning! Interesting lessons, classmates who often become friends for life and even cultural activities […]

Video: our Italian Language Teachers!

Ciao a tutti! Come promesso rieccoci subito con un altro esclusivo video creato alla Scuola Leonardo da Vinci di Milano! Una seconda intervista e questa volta non si tratta di studenti ma… di due tra i nostri insegnanti, Valentina e Claudio, che si sono messi alla prova per voi! Siete curiosi di sapere quali sono […]

Video: our students of Italian language in Milan

Ciao a tutti! Ecco in esclusiva un nuovo video (solo il primo della serie) creato alla Scuola Leonardo da Vinci di Milano! Un’intervista realizzata grazie alla collaborazione di due simpatici studenti della nostra scuola: Matt & Meryl Con una serie di domande, divertenti e imbarazzanti, abbiamo cercato di capire cosa pensano e sanno di Milano […]


Scuola Leonardo da Vinci in Florence has realized a video to show people how interesting could be to make a language travel in Florence, Italy. Thanks to the video you will discover how the first day in an Italian language school could be, which surprises one may encounter and how many people students could meet… […]


So guys, the jury has proclaimed the best pictures as follows: 1- Anic’s “News Stand” She won a voucher for a “one week Intensive Group Course” at the Leonardo da Vinci School! 2- Alicia’s “Alight from the Above” She won a voucher for a “40% Discount for one week Standard Course” at the Leonardo da […]

The best picture contest is over!

The best picture contest is over!!! Many thanks to all the students who sent in their masterpieces. The jury (your faithful teachers and staff!) met on Friday 18th december to choose the three best pictures but after much heated discussion they were not able to reach a final decision. We have therefore decided to post […]

Best picture contest 2009 last call

The best picture contest 2009 is still on! Even if many former and current students have already sent their masterpieces to us, you still have the chance of winning one free week standard course voucher to be used at our school in Rome. But hurry up!!! The deadline is Thursday 26th November 2009. To participate […]

Scuola Leonardo da Vinci in Rome best picture contest 2009

Raise your hand if you have never taken a picture at the end of a school course. Come on! We’ve all done it at least once and cherish those memories ever after. That’s why Scuola Leonardo da Vinci in Rome is launching its first best picture contest open to current students, former students, friends, relatives, […]