The reality of ARCI clubs in Milan

ARCI stands for the Italian Recreative and Cultural Association. Members pay an annual association fee of 13 Euro to belong; the membership is valid for all ARCI clubs in Italy.

In the past, the ARCI clubs were above all else thought of as places where it was possible to drink and eat at a very good price. Today, however, they are evolving, becoming more rich and diverse in their offerings.

The several Milan ARCI clubs promote different cultural activities, such as theatre performances, exhibitions, and musical performances.

In fact, the Milan ARCI associations have become one of the most important ways for young Italian and international artists to enter the music scene.

ARCI Club “Casa 139”, located in via Ripamonti, is the place where this international music scene is best represented. “Casa 139” organizes many interesting concerts. Its stage has hosted bands from Europe, Asia and Africa. Particular attention is dedicated to contemporary Italian songwriters that unfortunately are still having trouble obtaining the recognition that they deserve. At “Casa 139” the air that you breathe is of complete relaxation; the feeling is of being in a small, intimate club.

The atmosphere of ARCI “Bitte” in Via Watt is completely different. Here, it’s possible to pass wild evenings singing and dancing until 4 am. Every weekend a new DJ plays a mix of alternative electronic music, something which is difficult to find in any other club in the city.

Especially active during the summer, ARCI “Magnolia”, situated just a few minutes outside Milan, is a favourite place for many young people to hang out, drink popular cocktails, and listen to some good music.

The newest member of the Milan ARCI clubs is ARCI “Biko”, which opened just few months ago. If you are addicted to reggae and funk, this is the place for you.

We also need to mention the historic club “ARCI Bellezza” that is located just a few steps from Bocconi University. When you enter here your impression may be that you have returned to another era. While you are dreaming a timeless dream, you will feel so far removed from the city rush. During the warmer months it is possible to sit in the garden, sip a cup of white wine, and eat a typical fried fish dish, all at a very popular prices.

In conclusion, it's obvious that ARCI clubs are continuing to grow, both in strength and in their diversity, and that they represent an important part of Milan’s night life, introducing new music, and making possible more open communication between different groups and cultures.

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