Siena is a fairly small and pretty town, which is very safe and free of crime. It is unlike anywhere you will come across back home in the UK. There is a strong sense of community in the town, which is separated up into a number of contradas. Each contrada is like a small community itself within the larger community of the whole of Siena. In each contrada, the people have almost everything they need to live within a few streets from their house. You can usually find things such as a food shop, a café, a bar and an internet point all within your own contrada. Everyone in the contrada looks out for their neighbours.

Siena is quite built up and, at first, it seems that you will have to go out of the walls and further to find any quieter, greener areas. However, there are actually quite a few quieter areas dotted around. These green, peaceful areas that you can go to in order to relax and get away from the sometimes busy streets include the botanical gardens, orti dei tolomei and orti dei pesci. At orti di pesci, you can even find a few animals, such as chickens.
The fortezza is a good place to get away from any tourist rush of the town. You can relax on a bench with a book or maybe you just fancy a walk to enjoy the peace and quiet and the view. It is always quiet up at the fortezza, even though everyone knows it is there.

There are many students living in Siena so you won’t feel out of place! You can enjoy the atmosphere of the town, bars or campo or you can go to one of the quieter areas of town.

Settling into Siena won’t be difficult for you… within a few days you’ll know your way around and where to go for those necessities such as milk, bread and alcohol! But there are always more secluded places to be discovered. You won’t get lost because all roads lead to the campo, but every so often you may come across an unexplored area…

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Scuola Leonardo da Vinci Siena

The Scuola Leonardo da Vinci is situated in the Heart of the Old City of Siena, just a short walk from the famous Piazza il Campo. From our school you can reach the most famous squares and sights in a few minutes' walk.

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