"Teatri Aperti" in Florence

From the 25th to the 28th September 2008 will take place “TEATRIaperti” event. This year , the protagonist will be the public who with the special single ticket will be able to cross all metropolitan area of Florence and attend shows, visits guided to the hidden places of the theatres, presentations of books, laboratories, exhibition and many other manifestations.


The TeatriCard is a ticket that allows to approach all the manifestations in program, straight gives free of charge to travel on the public transport on the Saturday and Sunday and guarantees special reductions inside the library, restaurants, pub and disc stores.

How to use it:

Exhibiting the TeatriCard it is possible to approach facilitations and reductions
ATAF & LI-NEA - free service of public transport on Saturday and Sunday
Bookshops: discount of 10% and 15%
Florence’s museums– free admission and reductions
restaurants and pubs – discount from 10% to 50%
disc stores - reductions in price from 10% to 15%
The ticket is valid for all the duration of the event (from the 25th of September to the 28th of September) and moreover it has value like income reduced for other manifestations from October to December 2008
Who possesses the TeatriCard will have to follow for each initiative the indications give from each theatre and take a ticket to the cash desk.
The TeatriCard is nominal and could be demanded an acknowledgment document.
In case of theft or loss the TeatriCard could not be replaced or refund
The ticket costs 7,00 Euro

From the 23rd of September you can find on Piazza Strozzi, the informative point of “TEATRIaperti”. There you can get the program, buy the ticket, ask all information that you need about the manifestation.
For any other further information please visit the official web site:
Enjoy it!

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