Musical Specialization Courses in Florence, Rome and Milan

Are you a musician or a singer? It doesn’t matter!

If you love music and your dream is to learn playing an instrument or singing like a star, our Courses for Musical Specialization are perfect to make your dreams come true, then.

Yes, because the Leonardo da Vinci School, in cooperation with some of the most important music institutes in our country, organizes special music courses for all students who would like to learn Italian language and in the meantime to study music in our wonderful country. In fact, schools which are offering such courses are located in the charming and world-famous cities of Florence, Rome and Milan.

The Italian school in Florence offers these music courses for several years now, with groups who come from all over the world, whereas music courses in Rome and Milan are totally brand new and will take place starting from 2009.

Students will have the opportunity to choose their favourite type of course and specialization to attend in order to reach their aims. There is a wide range of courses that students can choose among: Canto and Diction Courses for Singers, courses about the Language of the Libretti, Orchestral Conducting, History of music, Theory and Solfeggio, and many more. In addition, individual courses are available and there’s also a peculiar introduction course to Italian folk music.

Music Courses minimum duration is 2 weeks, but it can be extended depending on the study path you selected.

In addition, the Music Masterclass in Rome is for sure the feather in our school’s cap. Masterclass represent a very peculiar event offered by the Italian school in Rome and it’s possible to Music courses in Florence, Rome and Milanchoose among Masterclass for Musicians or Singers. Enrollment to the course, just for its prestige and high recognition, will be considered after an entrance examination.

During this course, students will have the chance to follow the lead of the greatest masters of music in the world, and in the end of the course they will play together with them in the wonderful final concert at Oratorio del Gonfalone (Oratory of the Banner).

You will find a wide range of courses and specializations, perfect for all needs and aspirations of students who choose a different way to learn Italian language and music.

Starting dates are different for each school and course, so please take a look at our website to find the best option for you.

For more detailed information about programs, dates and prices of the Courses for Musical Specialization and Masterclass in Rome, have a look at our website.

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