Are you a beginner in the Italian language? Don't worry, Scuola Leonardo da Vinci offers courses specifically designed for those who have never studied Italian before!

Scuola Leonardo has been a leader language school in the field of Italian courses for foreigners for over 40 years. Our peculiarity is the development of a teaching method based on communication: from the first day on you will speak only Italian!
Does this apply also to those who have never studied Italian before? Yes! Absolutely!

The lessons are taught by mother-tongue teachers specialized in teaching Italian to foreign students and all in possession of the DITALS certification (Didactics of Italian as a Foreign Language).
For over 40 years we have been teaching Italian to beginners, with a very high degree of satisfaction! If you can’t believe it, take a look at the reviews left by our students!

How long does it take to acquire a higher level of knowledge of Italian?
The time required to learn to use the Italian language varies from person to person. We will assess your progress through periodic tests at the end of each level, to measure your improvement and evaluate the performance achieved over time.

Our strength is also in the limited number of students per class! We guarantee a maximum of 14 students per class (12 in our school in Siena) to optimize the quality of our courses.

If you are an absolute beginner we recommend our intensive courses. You can choose between 4 or more lessons per day and you also have the opportunity to integrate some private lessons at a very affordable price!

We have a foolproof method! Try! We are waiting for you!

Take a look at our page on Italian courses for beginners

Or contact us for any information you may need to choose your Italian language course!

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