Italian flavour in your Christmas gifts

Christmas is getting closer and it's time to think about gifts, for yourself or for your loved ones! 

If Italy and Italian culture are your passions, we at Scuola Leonardo da Vinci have the perfect idea: a complete menu that combines Italian language, Italian culture and Italian food. 

What do we offer you? We have created packages suitable for every need!

If you want to study the Italian language online
Scuola Leonardo online courses are very engaging, interactive and exciting. You will learn Italian in a virtual class with other students from all around the world and a real Italian native teacher with whom you will interact a lot.

If you want to study the Italian language in Italy
Study in Florence, Milan or Rome. Live and taste Italian language, culture and food. A 360° experience will be waiting for you in our Italian language schools. You will learn Italian in a very warm environment with many occasions to visit the city, while having fun and discovering the Italian way of life.

For those looking for a group course
Starter Christmas Package: to begin to immerse yourself in the Italian spirit, nothing better than our Italian culture seminars, our Italian teachers have thought of online seminars to satisfy all your curiosities! * 2 ONLINE Seminars on ITALIAN language or culture choosing from History of Art, Grammar, Music, Fashion, Food & Wine, Literature and more. 

First Course Christmas Package: to give something beautiful* 2 weeks of intensive online course OR
* 8 weeks of part time online course

Main Course Package: because they deserve it* 3 weeks intensive online course OR
* 12 weeks part time online course OR
* 2 weeks intensive course in Italy

All you can learn Package:  because they deserve it* 2 I-factor seminars + 8 ONLINE part time course + 2 weeks of intensive course in ITALY

And for those who prefer individual lessons?

Italian private Christmas Package: the ideal gift for someone who wants to study in deep Italian language.
* 5 Italian LANGUAGE individual lessons at a very discounted price 

We have also thought of the youngest students
Kids menu: a special gift for your kids! To spend time learning* Junior program 2 weeks intensive or 3 weeks 3 times per week

With us you will discover the typical dishes of the Italian culinary tradition and you will learn Italian while having fun. What's better for Christmas?

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