"Qualcosa bolle in pentola": the Italian idioms related to cooking and food

Cuisine and good food have always been a characterizing aspect of Italian culture, so important that they are the protagonists of many idioms and proverbs expressions of popular wisdom.

In an era in which everything flows quickly, the meal still remains a convivial moment of great importance. The act of cooking turns into a gesture of love that goes beyond the simple need to eat, which is why "the pot is the peace of the house" (la pentola è la pace della casa) and that "if you fight in the kitchen, every meal is ruined" (se si litiga in cucina, ogni pasto va in rovina).

The harmony of the ingredients is fundamental and when one element joins and blends perfectly with another or a person or an event occurs at the right time, we say that "it is as good as cheese on macaroni" (buono come il cacio sui maccheroni).
When something is insignificant and doesn't make any changes to a situation "it's like parsley in meatballs" (come il prezzemolo nelle polpette) it doesn't change the strong flavor of the meatballs.

If something for an Italian is boring "che pizza!".
While the potato is synonymous with laziness and stupidity but only if boiled, when it is boiling it indicates a difficult, dangerous and delicate situation or problem just as you risk getting burned by taking it in your hand and consequently passing it to someone else!

When "something boils in the pot", someone is plotting without our knowledge but if, to avoid a risk, we put ourselves in greater danger, "we fall from the pan into the embers" (si cade dalla pentola alla brace).

Be careful to send someone "to be fried" (a farsi friggere) because you are kindly inviting them to go to hell and remember to "never do the math without the host" (fare i conti senza l'oste) because you may have to pay a very… salty one!

Did you know some of these idioms? Is there something similar in your language too?

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