How can I learn Italian at home?

Would you like to improve or learn the Italian language but don't have enough free time? The free time available for a hobby is always little but this does not mean that you cannot pursue your dream of learning the Italian language.

Attending an online Italian course can be a significant advantage in many ways.

Why learn Italian at home?
If you want to improve your Italian quickly, you need to make time to study regularly and have more contact with the language. For most learners, this is a problem because work, family and social commitments often get in the way. Missed classes or study sessions lead to slower progress, which then affects your motivation and progress. Choosing to learn Italian at home can help create extra space for your skills to develop naturally.

You have full control over how you learn Italian: an online Italian course guarantees a high level of flexibility in compliance with your study, work and private commitments.

At Scuola Leonardo da Vinci we offer you multiple options to suit all your needs!

  • The Intensive group course: indicated for those who can dedicate their “full time” to language study and get fast results.
  • The Part-time group course: the ideal solution for those willing to learn Italian but has a busy schedule.
  • Individual classes: indicated for those looking for a tailored made language learning solution.

Learning Italian at home you can...

SAVE TIME: You can save time because you don't need to travel to and from school. This time can then be used to improve your Italian.
HAVE EVERYTHING AT YOUR FINGERTIPS: attending an online course allows you to take advantage of the content regardless of time and place, reconciling your training needs with your own private commitments.
FEEL COMFORTABLE: we know, nothing is as comfortable as staying at home. It is proven that learning Italian at home helps you become more fluent.
SAVE MONEY: by attending Italian lessons online you do not spend money on travel.

Conclusion: is an online or face-to-face course better?
Taking Italian lessons online has several advantages, which cannot be obtained with classic on-site courses. Which is the better option? There is no universal answer because everything also depends on your situation and the specific needs you have.

It would be wrong to consider online lessons to be less effective than face-to-face lessons. It is therefore worth not excluding this possibility a priori, as, as we have seen, the advantages are numerous.


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