The Sanremo Festival 2022

UPDATE And the winner is...
The final evening of the Sanremo festival took place on Saturday and the winner was declared: Mahmood and Blanco won with the song "Brividi".

The duo has conquered everyone since the first night and the song is already a record. "Brividi" is the most listened song on Spotify Italy, with over three million streams (3,384,192) in just 24 hours. The video of the song is also at the top of the Youtube trends, with over 6 million views.

At the heart of the song are the feelings that arise from love, a love that is difficult to describe and painful.

As winners of the Festival, in a few months they will participate in Eurovision 2022. The contest will be held in Turin from 10 to 14 May and will be presented by Laura Pausini, Mika and Alessandro Cattelan.

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The Sanremo Music Festival has returned to unite Italy in music, comedy and fun.

In the Last two nights many Italians were in front of the television to watch Sanremo Festival and for the whole week, every night will be the same.

The winner, who will be chosen on Saturday 6 February, will participate in the Eurovision Song Contest which this year will be held in Turin (read more: The Eurovision Song Contest 2022 arrives in Turin, the international capital of young music)

What is the Sanremo Festival?
A music festival that has been held every year in Italy, in Sanremo in Liguria, since 1951. Many of the most famous names in Italian music have taken part as competitors, guests or composers. It is one of the most important and longest-running music festivals in the world (even more than Eurovision).

What is it about the festival that pulls together an entire nation?
Often for the singers who participate it is the beginning of true fame and the songs become part of the story. The festival has led to the success of epochal songs such as the winning piece of 1958 "Nel blu dipinto di blu" by Domenico Modugno, "L'italiano" by Toto Cutugno, "Felicità" by Al Bano and Romina and "La solitudine" by Laura Pausini.

Special guests of the first evening were Måneskin: after having won in Sanremo last year and the world success of the last year with the victory at Eurovision and the performances in Las Vegas (The Italian success of Måneskin arrives in Las Vegas!), they sang their hits: "Zitti e buoni" and "Coraline".

Sanremo 2022: gli abiti e i look sul palco del Festival

After the music of Måneskin on stage also the Italian talent of Matteo Berrettini who made the Italians cheer at the ATP Finals in Turin (Turin at the center of a great event: the ATP Finals) and the Australian Open.

In recent years, the festival has increasingly involved the public at home, becoming one of the most followed events on social media with the official hashtag #Sanremo2022 on Twitter to comment on everything that happens during the competition.

How to watch Sanremo abroad?
The festival is also very popular abroad and the competition is broadcast live in Europe on television, radio and worldwide streaming.

On RaiPlay Sound you can listen to the Festival live and in the following days you can listen to the most important parts such as rankings, special guests, interviews and much more.

On RaiPlay the festival is broadcast live, and reruns of the episodes will also be available.

After a few hours the performances are also uploaded to YouTube by the official Rai channel.

On Spotify you can listen to the playlist with all the songs.

Why not miss Sanremo Festival?
At the center of the festival together with music, curiosity. Every evening is full of unexpected moments for the public, twists and turns, unusual guests and out-of-line shows that will keep everyone waiting for the next surprise.

Who will win this year? Bets are open!

Mahmood e Blanco vincono Sanremo 2022 - Donna Moderna

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