Gustolab: a new concept of student's lounge

Gustolab: cafeteria lounge in RomeThe Italian language school Leonardo da Vinci in Rome presents GUSTOLAB: a cafeteria lounge conceived for its students, where they can discover the Italian culture on food, wine and coffe.
Gustolab is the perfect meeting place for foreigners students, designed to provide relaxing surroundings equipped with coffee-shop, cafeteria, internet access and lounge.

Interviewed about their activities, the Scuola Leonardo da Vinci Director Pier Alberto Merli said that the idea of Gustolab has been settled up "to inform and educate our students to the quality of good Italian food and its ingredients; to communicate knowledge as well as passion towards Italian food; to facilitate students’ recognition and understanding of the true traditions of Italian wine and cooking; and to help them to appreciate, enjoy and discover the culture of food that has made Italy famous throughout the world".

Rome internet cafè for international studentsGustolab organizes, also:
- lectures and seminars on the Mediterranean diet;
- cooking and wine courses;
- field trips combining visits to artistic treasures, with educational gastronomic visits to local producers of fine foods.

In addition Gustolab offers wine and gastronomic consulting, catering, regional Italian food and wine, products available for purchase.

At Gustolab you will find pleasure, healthy lifestyle and cultural understanding, through the art of Italian Cuisine.

Gustolab cafeteria and lounge is open every day from 08.30 am to late evening.

Food and wine at Gustolab: Rome cafeteria

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