2009’s “Miss Scuola Leonardo Da Vinci”

Miss Leonardo da Vinci 2009It was a hot  summer night outside, but everyone from school was keeping cool with cold drinks and good food, in the anticipation of the 2009 Miss Scuola Leonardo Da Vinci.  Every year the school hosts this contest as a fun way for students to give special recognition to their friends and classmates for their effort in class.   Some people already knew each other from their morning and afternoon lessons, but there were many new faces who participated too.  New students and veteran students of all ages, friends of Scuola Leonardo Da Vinci  and other Italian people from Milan all came out for the event.  It was a great group of people and even greater occasion for everyone to come together, have fun and meet new friends.

There were 20 student contestants representing the countries of Austria, Philippines, Japan, Spain, England, Russia, Canada, Korea, Israel, Lithuania and United States.  Each potential “Miss” got to walk down the sidewalk runway outside of the Mayflower Pub to the applause of all her friends and fellow students, as she let them know how much she wanted their vote.

All the students really got into the event.  They were all clapping and cheering for each potential “Miss” as she passed by.  There were cars honking and people on motorcycles waving.  Everyone was so loud and energetic,  for each “Miss”  that many people from the neighborhood & local night spots came over to see what was going on and stayed to be a  part of our contest.  We started out with 70 people and by the time it came to announce the winner of the 2009 Miss , there were over 100 people there to celebrate it with us.

It was a close contest.  2nd and 3rd runner up, went to the lovely Gabriela of Lithuania and Einav of Israel. All of the misses were wonderful participants and had a lot of energy.  But at the end of the night when the votes came in, it was the charming and charismatic Elena of Russia that won over the hearts of her fellow students, and assumed the honorary crown and title of “Miss Scuola Leonardo Da Vinci 2009".  Each winning contestent received prizes that were generously donated by Roby and the Mayflower Pub.

Every year the students of the school also select a “Mister” Scuola Leonardo Da Vinci.  So, be sure to check back and see which “Mister” will take the crown and title for 2009.

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