Giannina Silva studying Italian in Milan

An Unforgettable Month in Milan: Uruguayan influencer Giannina Silva's Experience at Our Italian School

In the heart of the vibrant city of Milan, our Italian language school recently welcomed a well-known face: Giannina Silva, Uruguayan influencer and TV presenter, spent a month immersed in our school's lessons, experiencing an all-round experience.

The Beginning of a Linguistic and Cultural Journey

Giannina's story in Italy began with a scholarship, and her enthusiasm was palpable from day one. Her lessons took place in the welcoming atmosphere that characterizes our school: Giannina immediately showed dedication and curiosity, the ideal student!

Find out how her first week of classes went

Giannina shares her adventure

During her stay, Giannina shared every step of her experience on Instagram, giving her followers authentic and exciting moments. Her live stories showed her commitment to studying the Italian language and her joy in experiencing the local culture. Her followers were involved in every step of her journey and could enjoy Milan's charm and beauty through Giannina's passionate eyes.

"I am so happy to have had this experience and in my heart I feel that it is only the beginning of something bigger. It is impressive how much I have learned at this school in just one month. That is why I am really motivated to continue!

Scuola Leonardo da Vinci made me feel at home and Milan won me over.

I recommend this experience to everyone who is passionate about Italian culture and language. I thank you all for having accompanied me on this adventure.

See you soon, Milan!"

A Farewell with a Heart Full of Memories

Giannina's month at our school has flown by, but her contagious cheerfulness and incredible zest for life have remained in the hearts of all the staff: we are overjoyed and honored to have hosted her at our school! Here is her goodbye video

Our Italian language school continues to be a place where foreign students can learn the language and fully immerse themselves in the beauty of Italian culture. Thank you, Giannina, for being part of our family for an unforgettable month! Have a good trip and see you soon.

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