Hurry up and sign up for our IMAT preparation course!

Do you want to study medicine in English in Italy? With the Scuola Leonardo da Vinci you can prepare yourself in the best possible way to take the IMAT test (read our FAQ to find out more). You will receive the invaluable support of our expert teachers and tutors, always ready to answer your doubts and give you the right motivation to successfully prepare for the test.

The IMAT is the admission test to the master's degree course in medicine in English in Italy, which offers numerous career opportunities, in addition to the traditional ones.

To pass the test, serious and meticulous preparation is required and competition is fierce. You still have time to subscribe to our specific university preparation course for IMAT. This course provides a foundation of scientific and logical-critical skills to all students who want to take IMAT to enter the Faculty of Italian Medicine.

The course is held online and on-site in our schools in Milan and Rome.

from 5 to 23 July (online and in schools in Rome and Milan)
from 2 to 20 August 2021 (online and in schools in Rome and Milan)

Hurry up! You can sign up for the IMAT test from 1 to 23 July.

Are you still undecided whether to take the test in Italian or English? You can try both tests to have an extra opportunity to enter medicine. IMAT 2021 will be on 9 September, while the test for the medical course in Italian on 3 September.

Studying medicine in English in Italy is a great idea! Why? Read our article and you will find out all the reasons for doing it.

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