Lonely Planet includes Florence in the "Best in Travel 2022" list

We are glad to see that one of our destinations has been included in the prestigious list "Best in travel 2022", drawn up by Lonely Planet.

The famous travel guide chose Florence not only for its "yesterday" treasures (the beauty of its monuments and its museums is famous all around the world) but also because of its working on important "today" issues, like sustainability.

Angelo Pittro, Lonely Planet Italy Director, declared: "Never like this year, after a forced break, we do know how much traveling and have the freedom to do it is a fundamental part of our life. Now that the recovery is finally underway, we need to look at our travels more responsibly. Lonely Planet has set itself the task of highlighting those destinations that look to tourism in a sustainable way and are protagonists of the change necessary to protect fragile places and local communities"

A sustainable direction

Florence is going in this direction. The city is changing, trying to move with the times, in a sustainable direction. Some examples:

  • Florence is doubling the number of cycle paths in the city, in particular connecting the suburbs;
  • New very sustainable means of transport, like tramway, are connecting many areas of the city:
    • Line 1 is connecting the Scandicci suburb to the center of Florence, and from there go Careggi district (where there's the main hospital of the city).
    • Line 2 connects the Florence Airport and the Novali suburb with the center of Florence.
    • Line 2 will be extended to the town of Sesto Fiorentino.
    • Line 3 (under construction) will connect the town of Bagno a Ripoli with the Florence city center (passing by the suburbs on the south).
    • Line 4 (construction starting in 2023) will connect Florence city center with the towns of Signa and Campi Bisenzio (passing by the suburbs on the north).
  • The realization of some projects to increase the tourist offer outside the historic center of Florence, including "Florence unusual" (routes to discover the city outside the more touristy itineraries), the restructuring of the Manifattura Tabacchi, the Uffizi project widespread (to bring the unexposed works of the most famous museum in the world to places scattered throughout the territory)

Florence did not rest on its beauty but was able to enhance it, also offering experiences that allow people to go beyond the wonders of its crowded historic center and discover an unknown side (for example, did you know that street art in the city is in turmoil?).

So, why don't you think about traveling to Florence in 2022?
With an Italian language course at our school in Florence, you could immerse yourself and live in the city as an Italian: we have many activities to visit Florence, to discover the old and the new "Renaissance", to live in a city that wants to take the magnificence of its history as an example to build its future.

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