Come with us to get to know the most beautiful Italian cities

Do you want to live an Italian experience in just one day? With our Learn-and-Go program, you can do it!

It is the ideal program for those who want to get closer to the Italian language and culture in a single day. You can decide whether to participate individually or to be accompanied by someone you love to share an exciting and enriching day.

Italy is a country rich in culture, which is why we have decided to privilege this aspect during your trip.

With the diversified program in each of our locations (Florence, Milan, Rome) you can experience the magic of culture and the melody of the Italian language, all in one day! You will start your day by tasting real Italian coffee in a typical downtown bar and then immerse yourself in one of the characteristics of the city.

A learn-and-go program for every city

Florence, city of art

You will be accompanied by an Italian language teacher specialized in Art History, who will guide you through the most important monuments of the city and will introduce you to the Italian language and culture. You will walk along the historic stone streets, always poised between past and present, where art from the Roman, medieval, Renaissance and modern periods blend together.

Milan, city of fashion

You will be accompanied by an Italian language teacher specialized in Art History, who will guide you through the "fashion district" where the most known fashion companies have their boutiques and shops. Without forgetting the bohemian district of Brera and the Navigli which, with its water canals and art and antiques shops, best represent the creative spirit of our beautiful city.

Rome, the Eternal City

This excursion will give you the opportunity to take a dip in the past, admiring the different periods of the history of Roman architecture from the Renaissance to the Baroque period, up to contemporary Rome.

We are sure that you will experience an exciting and fun day that will allow you to learn and get to know Italy up close through its language and culture.

To learn a language there is nothing better than living it and this tour will help you improve your language skills while having fun, you will not even notice that you are studying!

This program is suitable for those who are already attending an Italian language course at the Scuola Leonardo da Vinci or for those on vacation in Italy and want to experience an all-Italian day.


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