Most common names in Italy, the list and ranking of the most used

When two parents have to choose the name of the baby on the way, they can think about many factors. There are those who prefer an Italian, familiar name that continues a tradition that has lasted for generations, those who choose an original and less widespread name and those who, instead, opt for a name of classical and ancient inspiration. In this delicate phase of choice it can also be useful to know which are the most common names in Italy.

The most updated ranking is published by Istat, the Italian Institute of Statistics, with data for 2021.

Ranking of female names

  • Sofia
  • Aurora
  • Giulia
  • Ginevra
  • Beatrice
  • Alice
  • Vittoria
  • Emma
  • Ludovica
  • Matilde

Few changes in the ranking of the most used names for girls: compared to the previous year, Giorgia gave way to Ludovica and Aurora took the name Giulia off the second step of the podium. For the rest, the ranking remained almost the same as the previous year.

Ranking of male names

  • Leonardo
  • Alessandro
  • Tommaso
  • Francesco
  • Lorenzo
  • Edoardo
  • Mattia
  • Riccardo
  • Gabriele
  • Andrea

Several changes in the ranking of male names. Leonardo remains firmly at the top with 8,448. Francesco - second place until last year - drops to fourth place, while Tommaso rises from sixth to the third step of the podium. Alessandro goes back up and takes second place. Edoardo leaps from tenth to sixth position.

The names chosen by foreign parents in Italy
Foreign parents who choose to have their children born in Italy have chosen foreign names and Italian names. In particular, Romanian and Chinese parents have mainly chosen Italian names for their children.

The first names chosen for the boys are Matteo, Leonardo, Mattia and Alessandro. For girls: Sofia, Sara, Emma and Aurora.

Compared to the general ranking, in that of names chosen by foreign parents the variability is greater: preferences differ according to citizenship. The tendency to choose a common name for one's children in the host country is more marked for the Romanian and Chinese communities.
An opposite behavior is found for Moroccan parents, who prefer their children's names linked to the traditions of their country of origin: above all Amir, Adam, Rayan, Youssef and Imran for boys and Amira, Sara, Jannat, Nour and Malak for girls.

What will be the most used names in 2023?
As for male names, will Francesco catch up or will Leonardo keep his lead? Certainly, the notoriety of Francesco has taken root above all since 2013-2014 thanks to the popularity of the Pope who enjoys a great following and appreciation, but it is probable that things have changed and that other names will emerge.

As far as female names are concerned, it is difficult for the name Sofia to be ousted from the top of the rankings: it is the first female name ever in many Italian regions both in the north and in the center and in the south. Of course, we can expect some surprises, linked above all to more vintage names such as Diana who in 2021 placed 36th enjoying a real exploit.

What's your name? Does it have a special meaning for your family?

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