The special asparagus from Piedmont

With the arrival of spring, asparagus, one of the most classic vegetables of the Turin plain, makes its appearance among the stalls of fresh produce.

Asparagus, especially in the area of Santena and Poirino, has had a flourishing production since the mid-nineteenth century by the will of the Count of Cavour (the great architect of the unification of Italy).

It can be said that in Italian history the Cavour horticulturist in Santena, rice grower in the Vercelli area and wine grower in Grinzane is just as important as the political Cavour and father of united Italy.

Before dedicating himself to politics, the young Cavour invested time in study trips and economic resources to develop and improve the cultivation of asparagus and other typical Piedmontese products. One of many is the creation of the Canale Cavour, without which Piedmontese rice cultivation would not exist today.

Precisely thanks to this impulse, Santena's Asparagus was one of the first local agri-food excellences to enter the Basket of typical products of the Province of Turin, a brand that has helped local producers create a network to make themselves known even outside the Piedmont area .

The Asparagus of Santena and Terre del Pianalto is today a product of excellence in horticulture and Piedmontese cuisine. Such it has become thanks to the work and dedication of generations of farmers who have selected, produced and promoted it.

Santena asparagus owes its fame to its sweet and delicate flavor and low fibrousness, the result of the freshness and sandy soils in which it grows.

The secret of the goodness of Santena's asparagus consists in bringing it to the table within a few hours, at the latest within two days. Just as the Count of Cavour loved to eat it, who has his castle and his tomb in this city.

The Asparagus Festival takes place in Santena from 12 to 21 May. During the event it is possible to buy it together with other zero-kilometer products as well as taste it in all its possible forms in the renowned restaurants of the city.

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