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When we think about the road system in Italy, jams come to mind, people driving in an unconventional way. Is it just commonplace? In Italy there are not only the legendary Fiat 500 and the iconic Vespa, but also a means of transport that does not need fuel: we are talking about the bicycle.

We know that since 2018, thanks to the favorable vote of all 193 members of the United Nations, World Bicycle Day has been celebrated on June 3rd. “Uniqueness, longevity and versatility [...] in use for two centuries and which represents a simple, economical, reliable and sustainable means of transport, which promotes environmental preservation and health.”.

The city of Florence, following the example of Pesaro, in the Marche region, is planning its Bicipolitana. A group of volunteers is studying the existing cycle paths to understand the mobility needs of Florentine cyclists. This is also thanks to the numbers collected over the years with the bike counter, thus allowing us to understand the habits and requests of those who travel by bicycle every day.

There will be eight lines of the Florentine Bicipolitana and metro-style stops. You can go from Florence North to Florence South passing through the stadium, always on the cycle path. You don't have to pay anything, you just need a helmet and get on the saddle to pedal in complete safety. A large network of connections that will embrace the entire Florentine area, from the center to the neighboring municipalities.

The existing cycle path network is approximately 115 km, with 20 km within parks and gardens. All for about 39 hectares of pedestrian and cycle areas, equal to the size of 70 football pitches.

Here are the words of the Councilor for Urban Planning and Smart City Giovanni Bettarini "the success of bike sharing demonstrates that there is a great demand for cycle mobility in the city - he said - to which an answer must also be given from an infrastructural point of view, paying particular attention to safety [...]”.

At a time when our planet is asking us for help, let's try to imagine together if these Florentine numbers will change: 200,000 private cars and owned bicycles are around 30,000.

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