Podcast italiano: episodio su la parola "prossimo"

Prossimo - EPISODE 3 (SEASON 5)

Welcome back to our weekly appointment with "Italiano On-Air". In this third episode of the fifth season, we have lots of interesting news to share with you. So sit back, grab a cup of coffee, and get ready for another great episode!

Ep. 3 Season 5 - PROSSIMO

The fifth season of "Italiano On-Air" has started off great! We've received incredible feedback from our listeners, and are excited to continue providing high-quality content that helps you improve your Italian. But let's get to the point, what does the third episode of this season have in store for you?
In this episode we are almost "monothematic" (see also https://podcast.scuolaleonardo.com/rivoluzione-episodio-7-stagione-4/), we focus on one word: "prossimo" which is both a temporal adjective and a noun. And it can be confusing…. Find out why!

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