When we learn Italian as a second or foreign language, in addition to the functioning of grammar, we have to face the problem of memorizing new words, similar or totally different from our mother tongue, necessary for the composition of sentences through which we will be able to express our thoughts.

In one day we can exchange up to 120-200 words per minute and our brains, when we understand a sentence, emit a particular signal which, according to researchers from Trinity College Dublin and the American University of Rochester, is absent when someone does not understands or does not listen carefully.

How can we help our brains turn on?

Reading, listening, language games and watching short videos or films in the original language are basic techniques but still effective, especially if they are related to our interests.

To better optimize the learning of new words, it is necessary to group them into sets of words related to our daily life, habits, personal interests and our needs.

Remembering new words

To begin, we can set a realistic goal by choosing to review and memorize 10-20 words a day in an hour, inserted in the same semantic group or category.
We can use the post-its technique to attach to the bathroom mirror or use one of the many applications that exist on the market.

Mosalingua, for example, offers more than 3000 vocabulary cards, associated with pronunciation. In addition to taking advantage of the visual and auditory memory, we can create customized cards and repetition planning, very useful when it comes to abstract terms, little or not used in everyday life but necessary for understanding when we face intermediate and advanced level certifications, courses of university studies or the approach to specific languages ​​for work reasons.

The important thing is why you do it

It is important to keep in mind that none of these techniques will work without the motivation deriving from work, study or simply pleasure needs. Semantic memory is deeper when linked to emotional memory, which is why words from childhood or relating to moments in our life are indelible over time.

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