Do you want to learn Italian but don't know where and how to start?
If you have decided to learn the Italian language, you have already taken the first important step! Many students have achieved their goals thanks to our courses (read here what they say about us) and we are sure that you will succeed too.

At Scuola Leonardo da Vinci you have many options to choose from to learn Italian, so we are here to help you and give you our support in making your choice. You can choose to attend online or on-site classes, individual or group classes, intensive or part-time classes.

How to choose the most suitable course for you?

First of all, think about how you would like to study Italian, in class or through an online course, think about how much time you want to dedicate to studying the language, which timetable is most convenient for you, if you prefer to be in class alone or in class with other students.

Once all this has been established, you will be able to evaluate all the options and choose the study method and course that best suits your needs.

What will you learn in our beginner course?
The levels of our course are based on the Common European Framework of Reference for the knowledge of languages (CEFR), giving you the certainty that everything you learn is recognized worldwide. Our Italian course for beginners focuses on topics and exercises that correspond to the A1-Beginners level of the CEFR.

These are the language skills you will work on in our Italian beginner course:
You will improve your grammar knowledge, your vocabulary and your pronunciation by practicing from day one.
You will be able to understand and use phrases related to everyday situations.
You will learn to share personal information or information about the people you know.
You will be able to converse with much more confidence and fluency on everyday matters.

At the end of the course, you will get our Certificate of Attendance that certifies the level attended!

Why choose Scuola Leonardo da Vinci?

  • Expert teachers: study the Italian language with highly qualified and certified mother-tongue teachers;
  • Italian language from day one: at any level in our classrooms, students speak only Italian;
  • Flexibility: we have many options that you can choose according to your needs and goals;
  • On-site and online: our courses take place on-site and online to allow you to immerse yourself in the Italian language, wherever you are;
  • Location: all Leonardo da Vinci schools are located in the city center (discover our schools in Florence, Milan, Rome, Turin, Viareggio)

What are you waiting for to start this wonderful adventure? Contact us for more information.


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