What are you waiting for? Pack your bags and join our Gap Semester

The new year has just started and at Scuola Leonardo da Vinci we already have something new to tell you!

To inaugurate 2023 and follow your dream of learning the Italian language, why don't you join our "Gap Semester"? It is one of our most popular programs and will start again soon: from 20 February to 23 June 2023

Our "Gap Semester" program has everything students need: spend a few months in Italy for a full immersion in Italian culture and language. You'll receive high-quality language instruction from our expert teachers that will guide you on this fantastic path. 

We also know that when studying a new language it is important to certify your results and you know what? The preparation course for the certification exam of the Italian language "Florence" of the Italian Language Academy - AIL is included. On the last day of class, you can take the exam that certifies the knowledge learned during your stay!

A program that allows you to stay in Italy for 16 weeks working on your language skills and becoming pretty advanced in the language. Even if you're a beginner, studying abroad is the fastest way to learn a language and you'll start to see improvements in a matter of weeks.

Content of the course:
Lessons are held from Monday to Friday and include:

What's more?
In the afternoon and in your free time you can participate in the many activities organized by the school: unique opportunities to socialize, put the Italian language into practice and have fun!

Studying abroad is well worth the challenge, and we are sure you will find a very rewarding experience at Scuola Leonardo da Vinci!

What are you waiting for to start this wonderful adventure? Contact us for more information or Enroll now

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