Turin is at the heart of the Italian Art Nouveau Week

From 8 to 14 July Turin will host the fifth edition of Art Nouveau Week, the international week devoted to the celebration of the most eclectic and extraordinary art movement that, between the end of the nineteenth and the beginning of the twentieth centuries, revolutionise architecture and the applied arts.

Known as Art Noveau in France, Jugendstil in Germany, Sezession in Austria, Modernismo in Spain and Modern style in the UK, when it first appeared in Italy it was dubbed Floral Style due to the dominance of natural elements as sources of inspiration.

The new style was popularised in Italy thanks to the International Exhibition of Modern Decorative Art, held in Turin in 1902.

The events taking place during the Italian Art Nouveau Week will be organised by the Associazione Italia Liberty. In Italy, in fact, the Floral Style is now called Liberty, after the famous London department store founded by Arthur Lasenby Liberty and specialising in the sale of items from the Far East, beloved by the artists and growing middle classes of the time and named "japonisme" by French critic Philippe Burty.

After its recent nomination to become UNESCO Capital of Liberty, Turin will be the beating heart of the celebrations: guided tours, exhibitions, conferences and shows will bring to the attention of art lovers all the treasures hidden throughout the city and in buildings usually closed to the public.

Events in Turin also include an inaugural piano and harp concert of Art Nouveau music at the city’s Giuseppe Verdi Conservatoire, activities in the famous historic cafés of the Belle Epoque, guided tours of private residences designed by architects Pietro Fenoglio and Antonio Vandone, as well as an itinerary through the fascinating funeral sculptures of the oldest city cemetery, the Cimitero Monumentale.

For further information on the events promoted by Italia Liberty and for bookings, see: Sette giorni dentro il Liberty
torinese – Italia Liberty

Of course, Turin’s Scuola Leonardo is also preparing for this event with special art walking tours of the Crocetta and Cit Turin areas, where the best of Piedmont Liberty can be found.

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