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Our La Dolce Vita program continues in May: Florence and Turin

Join us from May 2nd! Our La Dolce Vita program continues in Florence and Turin
The first warm spring days always make us want to travel and discover new beautiful places. With the Scuola Leonardo da Vinci, you can visit two breathtaking cities and study the Italian language.

“Marcello, come here. Hurry up!" Students, come on! The “La Dolce Vita” program of the Leonardo da Vinci School continues! (Find out here the programs of the school in Milan and Rome).

Just as Anita Ekberg invites Marcello Mastroianni to enter the Trevi fountain in the famous film "La Dolce Vita", we invite you to immerse yourself in the Italian language and culture with this program dedicated to adult students who want to refresh or enhance their skills in the Italian language and at the same time taste the pleasure of an Italian vacation, between culinary events, cultural exhibition and excursions.

Come and admire Turin: its artistic heritage will leave you speechless!

torino - Radicali Italiani

Discovering the majesty and elegance of the city of the kings of Italy
Walking through the baroque squares, visiting the churches and the palaces of power, you can experience the charm of royal Turin.

Discovering the ancient civilization of the Egyptians
Turin is not only a city of the Savoy kings but also of the Egyptian pharaohs. The oldest museum in the world dedicated to Egyptian culture is located right here: «The road to Memphis and Thebes passes through Turin».

Turin and its mysticism
With us, you will discover where the gates of hell are and why Nostradamus came to Turin for an official visit in the mid-1500s.

Turin and its cuisine
Thanks to the Piedmontese cuisine course and a typical dinner you can taste the dishes of the Turin tradition.

A visit to a jewel in the Alps
Over the weekend we will take you to discover the "gateway to Italy": Susa, which is the center of the entire Valley. Lots of artistic and historical attractions… not to mention food and wine!

The Mole Antonelliana: a city symbol
If you choose to stay with us for two weeks, the Mole Antonelliana awaits you, the bizarre and fascinating symbol of the City of Turin with the Cinema museum inside.

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Come and admire Florence: every day you will have the feeling of being in an open-air museum!

Firenze | 10 posti da visitare a Firenze

Florence and its wonders
Our teachers will guide you to discover the most important historical places in the city. Together we will visit the oldest churches and basilicas.

Enjoy the Tuscan food and wine traditions
Together we will enjoy a typical Tuscan dinner with traditional dishes with an unmistakable flavor. We will visit some of the most important wineries to taste the most famous wines in the world. We will discover together many curiosities such as the "wine holes" and much more!

The cradle of artisans
Craftsmanship in Florence is a true vocation for entire families, who jealously hand down their secrets from generation to generation. To discover some of their secrets we will go to visit workshops of Florentine artisans. Together we will discover how an etching is produced and we will get lost in the wonderful colors of the famous Florentine papers.

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Take part in our "La Dolce Vita" course, a rich and relaxing program awaits you!


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