Gap Year in Italy

Living and studying in Italy for 1 year: a dream come true

The Academic Year is about to begin at the Scuola Leonardo! From May 4th to December 11th you can live a unique experience with us.

This program is ideal for those who want to face an educational and fun experience that combines the study of the language with a complete and varied cultural training.

Not just a language course
Studying for 1 year in Italy is a precious opportunity to perfect your knowledge of the Italian language, but also to make new friends and learn about Italian culture and visit the beautiful cities where our schools are located (Florence, Milan, Rome, Turin).

With this course the students, in addition to the Italian language lessons, attend lessons on the history of art, on fashion, Italian for business and Italian history and civilization, which will allow students to understand the traditions and innovations that characterize contemporary Italy.

Not just study
In the afternoon and in your free time you can participate in the many activities organized by the school: unique opportunities to socialize, take the Italian language into practice and HAVE FUN!

What does the program include?
The course runs from Monday to Friday and includes:

Language proficiency:
- 480 lessons of intensive Italian course
- 80 lessons to prepare the AIL diploma

Cultural competence:
- History of art (24 lessons)
- Business Italian (12 lessons)
- Italian fashion (12 lessons)
- History and civilization (32 lessons)

At the end of this path, students will be able to take the exam that certifies their language skills (read here why it is important to obtain Italian language certification) and they will write a thesis on a topic of their choice with the help of the school library and a personal tutor.

The Academic Year is a truly unique experience that everyone should try at least once in their lifetime. So, for more information on the course, contact us or enroll!

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What are you waiting for to start this wonderful adventure? Contact us for more information.

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