The 10 best podcasts for learning Italian

For students who are always busy, podcasts are very simple and useful tools, concrete help to continue studying Italian outside the classroom.

Always accessible everywhere, they are a very effective way to increase exposure to Italian and to improve pronunciation and vocabulary every day.

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After creating our podcast on the Italian language, Scuola Leonardo da Vinci went in search of the 10 best Podcasts available to learn and improve the Italian language!

Italian On-Air: is the podcast on the Italian language of the Scuola Leonardo da Vinci which, through a dialogue on a topical or cultural topic, allows you to get to know Italy and Italian culture
Perfect for those who want to learn new words, curiosities and idioms.

Italiano Automatico: uses an easy and natural method to get to speak Italian like real Italians
Perfect for those who want to learn Italian while having fun

Coffee Break Italian: has an innovative didactic style in which each episode is the recording of a lesson between a student and two teachers
Perfect for beginners who want to learn Italian vocabulary for everyday life

Learn Italian Pod: the episode's theme is introduced in English and is accompanied by easy-to-understand short stories, perfect for intermediate or advanced students.
Perfect for those who want to get to know Italian culture more closely

Al Dente: deals with a wide variety of themes in elementary Italian in a fun and stimulating way
Perfect for A2 level students

The Italian Coach - Learn Italian independently: created by Moreno Pontoriero who helps to find the right mindset and the most effective methods to learn and improve the learning of the Italian language
Perfect for anyone looking for a boost to start a new adventure

News in Slow Italian: this podcast covers news from all over the world. Use simple and easy-to-understand Italian
Perfect for those who want to be always updated on the latest news

Italiano per stranieri: many different topics are addressed, such as news, politics, science, history and much more
Perfect for those who already have a good knowledge of the Italian language but do not want to stop, still improving in understanding and speaking.

ItalianPod101: an extremely easy-to-understand podcast in which native Italian speakers talk about topics such as presentations or restaurant orders.
Perfect for beginners with very slow and repetitive conversations

Una finestra sull'arte: it offers something different than all the other podcasts, entirely dedicated to the history of Italian art.
Perfect for those who love art history

Listening to a podcast can be very useful for improving the Italian language, do you want to know other tools? Read these articles!

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