La Dolce Vita in September: a perfect occasion for our senior students!

Learning a new language is a rewarding and enriching experience that knows no age limit. For seniors seeking intellectual stimulation and the joy of discovering a new culture, our "La Dolce Vita" program is the perfect choice. As one of the world's most beautiful languages, Italian offers a gateway to Italy's rich heritage of art, history, and cuisine.

Our "La Dolce Vita" is an Italian language course tailored for seniors to provide a supportive and friendly environment, acknowledging the unique needs and preferences of mature learners. This program focuses on conversational skills, allowing seniors to engage in everyday interactions while traveling or interacting with Italian.

The benefits of learning a new language later in life are numerous. Studies have shown that language learning can help improve cognitive functions, memory, and overall mental acuity, enhancing the quality of life for seniors. Moreover, the social aspect of joining a language class can combat feelings of isolation, fostering new friendships and connections.

Embarking on an Italian language course can be a fulfilling and enjoyable experience for seniors. It offers mental stimulation, social engagement, and the chance to immerse oneself in the beauty of Italy's language and culture. It's never too late to start, and the journey of learning Italian can open up a world of possibilities for seniors seeking to expand their horizons.

And what is the perfect time of year to attend "La Dolce Vita"? September!

Attending an Italian language course in Italy in September is an enchanting experience. As the summer crowds disperse, the serene charm of Italian towns comes alive. The mild weather creates the perfect ambiance for strolling through cobblestone streets and savoring gelato while practicing conversational skills with friendly locals. Amidst the breathtaking landscapes and rich cultural heritage, learning Italian becomes a delightful journey of discovery and immersion.

Join us in our beautiful cities:

  • Florence: 4 September
  • Milan: 18 September
  • Turin: 4 September
  • Viareggio: 4 September


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