The Falletti di Barolo Palace welcomes Turin’s new Museum of Illusions

In Turin there is a new, extraordinary museum. Within Palazzo Falletti di Barolo, one of the most fascinating baroque residences of Turin’s nobility, the new Museum of Illusions is now open to the public. Seventy installations, including
perceptual games and optical illusions, show how human perception can be deceived and manipulated. Suitable for visitors of all ages, this new museum is where you can both have fun and, thanks to the detailed explanations beside each artifact, understand and delve into the mechanisms of human perception.

The leitmotif of the museum is interactivity, which allows all visitors to feel they are going back to their childhood and rediscovering the pleasure of play, but also to become burgeoning scientists, by discovering how illusions work.

The ideal approach is to combine a visit to the museum with a viewing of the beautiful rooms of the Baroque Palace which, perfectly preserved with original furnishings and frescoes, faithfully portray how people lived in Turin when it was still the capital of the Kingdom of Italy.

The palace also houses the interesting Museum of School and Children's Book, where visitors can discover what Italian and European schools were like in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. This is a unique opportunity to witness the philanthropic work of the Marquises of Barolo, who in nineteenth-century Turin played a fundamental role in the founding of nursery and primary schools even for the less well-off social classes.

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