Discover your origins - the program develops for generations of Italian immigrants willing to know about their Italian origins

Do you have Italian origins? Are you willing to learn more about your Italian roots? Choose Scuola Leonardo da Vinci’s “Discover your origins” course!

Nearly 30 million migrants left Italy between 1861 and 1985. The majority of them left in the decades following the Unification of Italy, during the so-called "great emigration" (1876-1915). Entire towns saw their population halved in the decade between the 1800s and 1900s: many Italian families moved to North America and South America (around 600.000 Italians are currently living in Brazil!), but also in Europe, to neighbouring Switzerland, France, Germany and the United Kingdom. There is now a “Little Italy” in all major cities!

Adapting to a new country can be a real struggle: to “feel at home", many Italian migrants continued to talk Italian (or their dialect) to their children and descendants. By telling them stories about their place of origin and passing on traditions, they managed to keep their Italian roots alive.

The course “Discover your origins" aims at offering the opportunity to the descendants of Italian migrants living abroad to deepen the Italian language and culture, as well as the possibility to visit the places of origin of their ancestors.

The course includes:
● 4 daily Italian language group lessons with students of different nationalities
● 6 weekly lessons with the following program:

  • history of the Italian emigration
  • analysis of the region and the place where the student's ancestors started their journey
  • analysis of the dialect spoken in the region of origin
  • research on the origins of the student’s surname
  • if possible, planning the visit to the place of origin of the student’s family

Are you ready to dig deeper and rediscover your origins? We are waiting for you in Milan!

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