Tamberi e Jacobs, medaglia d'oro alle Olimpiadi di Tokyo nel salto in alto e nei 100 metri

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It is more beautiful to celebrate successes and goals together. This is why we want to celebrate with you the results achieved this year by our athletes.

A few days ago the two gold medals 🥇🥇 won by the Italian athletes Tamberi in the high jump and Jacobs in the 100 meters make us proud of the success achieved by our small country at the Tokyo Olympics.

Our guys who represented us with so much honor, have dedicated so much passion and so many sacrifices in practicing their sport and preparing for this event: they gave their all and won.

A bit like our football team that won the UEFA cup🏆 a few weeks ago. A team on which no one would have bet made up of young players who in the enthusiasm and team spirit have expressed a great football and competitive technique that has done justice to many schemes and initial predictions.

We have seen a large part of the foreign press in recent days talking about this great Italy in its success not only at the Olympics but as the protagonist of this year's international sporting competition. Some foreign journalists even spoke of the celebration of the "Dolce Vita", for the homonymy of the name of Jacobs with that of the famous actor in Fellini's film, Marcello Mastroianni.

And we don't mind that either, seeing Italy always associated with beautiful and positive things, why not?

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