LDV Roma Students Experience the "Ottobrate Romane" amidst Good Food, Excellent Wine, and Plenty of Cheer

In Rome, the temperate days of autumn have arrived and are encouraging us to head outside to
enjoy the fall foliage soon to burst into color following the last vestiges of the summer heat.

Oh yes, it's time to experience the Ottobrate Romane. What are they, you might ask? Well, in
ancient times the Ottobrate Romane were small trips out to the Roman countryside in, for
example, the Castelli Romani southeast of the capital.

The expression finds its origins in the traditional grape harvests of antiquity when the Romans
would go beyond the city walls in their horse-drawn chariots in hopes of finding a good harvest.

Before and after the hard work of this countryside harvest, large banquets were traditionally
prepared with food and wine and were marked by a contagious atmosphere of cheerfulness and
sociability that to this day remains the most beautiful part of this celebration.

As you can imagine, Romans ate quite a bit on these occasions; everything from cheeses and
sausages to lots of other varieties of meat. Some of the favorite meat dishes from these Ottobrate
 banquets include lamb and tripe, while in terms of pasta there was certainly plenty
gnocchi to go around.

These festivals were characterized not only by food, of course, but also popular music, dances,
and wine-induced revelry which spanned the entire day.

Central Italy has a very popular musical genre among fans of folk music known as the saltarello,
which is a local version of the more famous tarantella in Southern Italy.

In honor of the Ottobrate Romane, Scuola Leonardo da Vinci of Rome organizes two beautiful outings for the month of October. The first trip takes our students to the village of Castel Gandolfo, while the second instead goes to the elegant town of Frascati. These are two perfect occasions in which our students — without exceeding the reasonable limits of food and alcohol — are able to experience the sociability and good humor typical of the traditional Ottobrate Romane.

Together we bid farewell to the end of summer and instead greet the arrival of the first chill of


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