Easter in Italy: 5 ideas between nature and Italian beauties

Easter is one of the most heartfelt holidays, celebrated every year with family or friends. An event that combines local food and scenographic customs that are different for each Region. What better occasion, therefore, to organize a holiday to discover the Italian Easter traditions?

If you are curious to find out how it is celebrated in Italy, here is a thematic map of typical Easter events and dishes, from one corner of the peninsula to the other, to choose what to do at Easter 2023.
Read and try to plan the itinerary that most intrigue you.

The explosion of the cart in Florence
Between the Baptistery of San Giovanni and the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, where the Scoppio del Brindellone, also known as the explosion of the cart, takes place on Easter Sunday, a pyrotechnic tower is placed on a decorated cart. The archbishop of Florence lights a rocket in the shape of a dove, which departs from the church and, sliding along a wire, sets fire to the cart, with a riot of fireworks. (We also talked about it here on the blog, read the article).

A bike excursion in Milan
Among the things to do absolutely at Easter in Milan, especially for those who love to combine a visit to the city with the pleasure of a bicycle trip. From the Navigli to Parco Sempione, passing through the Duomo and the new Citylife district, practically all areas of Milan can be easily reached by bike. The city is almost without hills and even less experienced cyclists can easily cycle through the city streets, perhaps preferring the areas covered by cycle paths.

A Picnic in Rome
Easter is an ideal time to have a picnic in one of Rome's many parks when the temperatures are still pleasant and you want to be outdoors. Among the most beautiful and famous parks in Rome are Villa Borghese, which offers immense lawns and green and shady spaces where you can spend a day with friends or relatives. At Villa Borghese after your picnic you can stroll among sculptures, monuments and fountains, the work of illustrious artists of Baroque, neoclassical and eclectic art, surrounded by secular trees, ponds and Italian gardens.

A walk to the Sacra di San Michele in Turin
It inspired Umberto Eco in writing his most famous novel, "The Name of the Rose", making it a destination of attraction for visitors from all over Europe, attracted by a place rich in art, religion and culture, where history and myth intertwine and chasing each other, between anecdotes and episodes to be discovered. The entrance ticket allows you to independently visit the abbey, the church with its paintings, the panoramic terrace and the ruins of the New Monastery, even in augmented reality, with the help of your smartphone, since there are QR codes along the way queues with explanatory videos.

A day at the beach in Viareggio
Spending Easter in Versilia means enchanting sunsets over the sea, excellent traditional cuisine and maximum tranquillity. A day away from the stress of the city. Viareggio is the ideal starting point for Easter in Versilia: the promenade along the seafront where you can admire the marvelous Art Nouveau period buildings, shops and typical restaurants where the catch of the day is cooked. You cannot miss a visit to Villa Puccini in Torre del Lago, the well-known composer loved to spend time there while working on his works.

What are you waiting for to start this wonderful adventure?

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