At Turin’s GAM, the exhibition "Hayez. The Romantic Painter's Workshop" is now open

Until 1st April, 2024, at Turin’s Gallery of Modern Art, the extraordinary exhibition dedicated to the romantic painter Francesco Hayez (Venice 1791 - Milan 1882) will be open to visitors. The exhibition is organised in collaboration with Milan’s Brera Academy of Fine Arts, which has leaned an important body of drawings and some very valuable paintings, many of which belonged to the painter’s studio, for four
decades a professor of painting at the Academy.

The exhibition will allow viewers to discover the artist's world, his techniques and his secrets. Following a chronological route, visitors will learn about his training years, under Antonio Canova’s guidance and
protection right, through to his mature production. In fact, the exhibition evokes the intense personal
history and creative path of a painter considered an undisputed protagonist of Romanticism.

Not only for his art but also for his political ideas, Francesco Hayez is in fact considered one of the founding fathers of Italy, together with Manzoni and Verdi, whom he befriended and whose political ideals he shared. The Italy of the Risorgimento found its figurative language in Francesco Hayez’s works.

Visitors to the exhibition will be able to admire over 100 works from prestigious public and private collections, some previously unseen and some real masterpieces. The novelty, compared to previous exhibitions, consists of a comparison between the artist’s paintings and his drawings, for the first time allowing a reconstruction of his creative process.

A singer of beauty, love and the values of the Risorgimento, during his very long life, Francesco Hayez witnessed momentous changes and became one of the voices of the new cultural sensitivity of post-Unification Italy.

There is no better place than Turin, the beating heart of the Risorgimento, to welcome and celebrate this
great artist.

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